Jack Herbert G324


Pre Production

Shot list

This is my shot list, this identifies every shot I am creating and will create in the future, exactly how it will be filmed.


Sketches of my article and poster

Sketches of my article and poster, I used a gopro to film this before speeding the time up, this shows my basic idea for my products


This is the script to my short film, this will be created via voice over by Jessica Hooker.

Planning summary

This is a summary of my planning, and explains what it is I am going to do in the future as my planning has set up set by step what I am going to create.

Representation of my short film

This is the audio of how I will use representation to improve my short film


This animation defines the template of how I will shoot my short film, by a form of stop motion cartoon.

Storyboard for my short film

This is my initial storyboard for my short film, it includes all of the main scenes which I am going to film, my drawings aren’t exact but an accurate representation of what my key scenes are going to come out like. In these images it shows type of camera shots and what sound I will use.


brand guidlines

This is my brand guidelines post, it includes important aspects of how  short film is advertised and the importance of it.

Chosen misc-en-scene and locations

In this I go through how I will use Misc-en-scene, and what settings I will use in the background

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