Jack Herbert G324



Raw footage feedback

This is Aimee Smith commenting on my raw footage, in a questionnaire where I ask her static questions evaluating my product.


Contact sheet

These are the contact sheets for my short film, these are my source files in my project when I edit and these clips in someway are involved in my short film, no other clip from this sheet is in my short film and they are all recorded myself

Raw footage

Production summary

This is the summary of my production which clearly demonstrates how successful this process has been in developing my final products and how they have defined a journey which has helped me to create a more successful and ranged blog

Final Short film

Rushes log

This is my rushes log it explains all the different videos I have used, the times that they have been cut, how they have need to be edited.



Colour draft

This is my first draft of my short film, after colour correction

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