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Prop list

In my short film I will not be using an direct props, as my short film is meant to illustrate being alone, I feel if I was to use any forms of prop in a shot then the shot would look busy, I want my shots to feel alone and simplistic, I have chosen only to use an Iphone 6, but this is more of a plot device to show home footage which was recorded vertically, so it is less of a prop and more of a story telling device that I will use in my short


Location release

img_2964Here is my location release, this gave me informed permission from the correct individual to film in specific classrooms and other areas in the school grounds.


Public places I attempted to email councils asking to film, yet I got no reply when emailing the correct emails.

Contact with band/artists

Dear sir,


My name is Jack Herbert, I am 17 years old and currently studying A level media studies at Haydon School.

As part of my coursework for my A level media studies I have been set the task of creating a short film, this involves using a background song. As a result I have chosen to use , I am asking for your permission to use this song as I feel it your original acoustic song “forever”.  this will really develop my short film and will work really well with the initial ideas which I have produced. I will take no reward for the song and credit Jack Herbert for it.

I would appreciate if you could respond to this Email confirming I have the permission to use this song within my coursework.

Yours sincerely

Jack Herbert

These are the email addresses which I have found which I could actually Email if needed to. But it is actually my own song

Planning summary

This is a summary of my planning, and explains what it is I am going to do in the future as my planning has set up set by step what I am going to create.

Call sheet



This call sheet is a plan for my short film, showing equipment, usage and body power for my short film

Shooting schedule

This shooting schedule is a plan I will use to film my short film, I will stick by this in the locations added to create my short film in shooting

Floor plan #1

This is the floor plan for one of my scenes which I have shot outside in various locations of London, for these scenes above I have shown the genuine direction we would have walked, where the camera may have been placed  when Alisha is in public.thumb_img_2461_1024thumb_img_2463_1024thumb_img_2462_1024

Equipment booking forms

These were the official Haydon forms filled for me to take the equipment I needed, once I had returned the equipment my teacher then signed it to prove that i had returned everything correctlythumb_img_2460_1024

Actor release

This is my actor release for my main character Olivia O’shea-Sandwith and I have also done one for Alisha Dobinson(older version) who appears in my short film however isn’t the focal point or main character.


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