Jack Herbert G324


Production Log

Production log 7/04/2017

I have just finished everything for my blog, now over the next week I will just touch up on issues and fix minor problems, a great weight is lifted


Production log 15/3/2017

the finale of my course is approaching, I am still working on my evaluation, I will make an end of year post to reflect when I am done with my evaluation to better demonstrate my journey on my blog, I have learnt alot of this period in many media techniques.

Production log 27/2/2017

I have now finished completely question 1 and 2 and will soon finish question 4, I have started working on the layout of my magazine and ideas to make it interactive, I may use QR codes to improve the inter activeness of my evaluation.

Production log 10/2/2017

I have now finished the voice over for question 1 and 3 and 4 and I will soon work on creating the videos and voiceovers, this project will be complete for the easter deadline for sure!!

Production log 1/2/2017

I am now collecting a range of feedback from peers and friends, I have now started creating my evaluation, and choosing the formats I will do to make them ranged in media.


Question 1- Director’s commentary

Question 2- interactive article

Question 3- Podcast

Question 4- Video

Production Log 31/1/2017

I have no created my film poster and I have started on the article, I have done alot of different editing techniques and learnt a few new ones to make it look good.

production log 30/1/2017

Today I took the photos for my magazine and poster, I will soon start creation for these. This was one of my favourites from the shoot.IMG_0550.JPG

29/1/2017 production log

Just posted my Short film, I feel happy that it is finally finished, I really feel like my skills have developed incredibly since the start of the year, I may make a video about it.

Production log 27/1/2017

I posted my short film on facebook and twitter and got some positive response ,I will make a detailed review video of this, the short film is almost finished now.

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