Jack Herbert G324


Idea generation

Feedback to proposal



Video board

This is my videoboard, these are a mix of shots that inspire me and why I will shoot what I shoot

Initial ideas



This  explains all the different ideas I have had for my short film, this includes aspects of my film such as: locations, The actor who will feature and the plot of my short film

Analysis of a movie script

Analysis of the script Prometheus. It is page 17 which I have focused to analyse. This film is a prequel to Alien and apart of the franchise.

Sketches of my article and poster

Sketches of my article and poster, I used a gopro to film this before speeding the time up, this shows my basic idea for my products




This is my proposal with demonstrates the plot, ideas and layout I will achieve in my short film

Planning summary

This is a summary of my planning, and explains what it is I am going to do in the future as my planning has set up set by step what I am going to create.

Mood board

This is my image mood board of images which have inspired my short film.

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