Jack Herbert G324

1st draft feedback

This feedback was collected from another a2 media student Nargis, she is aware of conventions as she also does Film studies, I thought I should ask only her as everyone else did a music video and her feedback would help me the most.


Location release

img_2964Here is my location release, this gave me informed permission from the correct individual to film in specific classrooms and other areas in the school grounds.


Public places I attempted to email councils asking to film, yet I got no reply when emailing the correct emails.

Image manipulation

Contact sheet

These are the contact sheets for my short film, these are my source files in my project when I edit and these clips in someway are involved in my short film, no other clip from this sheet is in my short film and they are all recorded myself

Feedback to proposal

Question 2

This is question 2 of my evaluation, here demonstrates how my products worked well in synergy.

Question 1

Raw footage

Production log 15/3/2017

the finale of my course is approaching, I am still working on my evaluation, I will make an end of year post to reflect when I am done with my evaluation to better demonstrate my journey on my blog, I have learnt alot of this period in many media techniques.

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